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Arielle Garcia
Jewelry Artist
Chandler, Arizona

Although her collection was influenced very early on by the Southwest

art and culture, where she began beading in places such as Phoenix and Albuquerque, Arielle has expanded her designs to a more eclectic mood. After spending some time in the Portland area and experiencing the rich colors of the Northwest, she has accentuated her designs with a brilliance and smoothness of crystal and shell along with the earthier tones of the Southwest desert.

You will experience her vibrant informal designs with a touch of elegance that will allow the owner to use them at all times for varied occasions and wardrobes.

Arielle's family heritage and traditions lead back to the mountains of canton Graubunden in Switzerland. Prior to having children, Arielle taught in an elementary school, and she currently resides in Chandler, Arizona, with her husband and three children.

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